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The Day I Retire Will Be..

April 21, 2015 Blog Post
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I just found out recently that a competitor, well if you want to call THEM that.. Doesn’t take.

Massive Video Dump

March 24, 2015 Blog Post
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sheena1_redz1_tape 01.avi.00_05_28_21.Still002

Man! We have been dropping videos left and right! Sometimes 2-3 times a day! We dont even advertise.

Dior Don Dada – Into The Night (Free Pics)

March 19, 2015 Blog Post, Bonus
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My gift to you! Check out these few free pictures of Dior Don Dada

What Is SOB?

What Is SOB?

Our Mission

1) SOB Feature ethnic girls (and some others) in their purest sexy form. (No heavy makeup and no heavy glamour photos!)
2) We are NOT a modeling site or agency! We just feature hot girls! 90% of our girls are NOT models nor do they intend to be
3) Give viewers the highest quality photos and videos possible (HD quality or nothing!)

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