I would like to take a minute to tell you a little bit about me. I’ve never really done that. In the 17+ years I have owned and managed everything to do with this site, I have never really told you about me. Dont expect a personal diary hear about me. LOL. Cause I know you could care less. (Somebody’s yelling, just show me the girls right now LOL) But I thought this might be the perfect time because as the owner of this site and business I can “happily” say that I can see that the end is near. More so it probably has already passed. But because I do this for the love of it I still hang on. 

A couple of things:

  • I am NOT a Photographer – Although I am a fanatic about photo and video equipment and I THINK i take some great photos. I have always said that I would never cheapen the art by saying I am a photographer. There are some great photographers out there, that do some creative things with their shoots that it amazes me. I am very envious. I am more so a techie and a business man. So I do and learn what I can to put out a great product. The camera is just the means to do that. Dont get me wrong I LOVE taking pictures and I even do it with my family. And I also am very into creating short films/videos.
  • I am from MD (DMV) area. born and raised. And probably never leaving except for vacations! LOL
  • When I started this website I was in my wild 20’s. Now I am a family man with young kids. (Still wild though. Just gotta be in bed before 12 LOL)
  • I REALLY know all the models on this website. Yes! For the most part 95% of the girls I have dealt with have been very cool. I have had very few bad photo-shoot horror stories. 
  • Way back in the late 1990s when digital cameras were a arm and a leg(they still are but im talking about 90s money here). I am not ashamed to say that my first 2 digital camera came by the way of five finger discounts. I was lucky to get my hands on 2 of the most innovative cameras on the market at the time. It jump started my business in ways that could never have happen otherwise. Sorry but its the truth.
  • My very first shoots were with AundriaTheModel and Caramel (I think).
  • The idea for this website came to me in two ways. I had surgery and I was laid up in the hospital for a week or so and then i had to basically recover the whole summer. So while I was in bed and the house for months the idea came to me. At the time their were NO black/ethnic websites that features REGULAR looking black women. All i could find online was sites like Black Tail and other websites that had black women that look like 80-90s porn women. And honestly that wasn’t my type. My type was the sexy girls you see around the colleges and the malls. And that is what i wanted to see online and that is what i set out to feature. BEFORE there was magazines like XXL and all these other “urban model” outlets. I started it and i am going to finish it my way. In silence.

Dont get scared. We are not going anywhere anytime soon. I am just saying I do see the end over the horizon. But before then I am going to go out with a BANG!