Sorry we have been a bit quite the past two weeks. Butrest assured the SOB engine is still churning. We actually have the pedal down to the medal. LOL. We actually have been working on another BIG website. And I don’t mean SOB big. I mean Instagram like big. We hope to at least debut it the testing phase in a few weeks or less. Its going to be massive.  Its built on a domain that we literally waited years to grab. We had to stay up late one night just to make sure we got it when it expired. Before all the bot sites took it and then charged crazy registration prices.  BTW ( I have some domains for sell if anybody is interested.Ill list them in another post soon).

But on the SOB front we have been pushing out orders from our SOBEStore.com site which has had a revival of sorts. Last year in 2016 was one of the best years that site has ever had. Probably sparked by our SOB Uncut series and the other new lineups.