I decided a little while ago that I need to get back to having fun. Becauseif its not fun then why the hell am I doing this. Its definitely not for the money. If thats the case I would have put a bullet in my head a long time ago. LOL! A personal goal of mine is to drop every single piece of video and photos we have on file by the end of 2015! Period! Thats alot. We have 17TB of unseen footage on our video computer and filming more each week. We have thousand and thousands of unseen photos to drop. Im scared to even count it. I just invested HEAVILY into 2 PROFESSIONAL 4k cameras which are about to kill the game. The “PerfectShot” has always been with us. 🙂 You are about to see some crazy shit coming out of SOB. Trust me. Get your VIP membership today. Its at all time low price.

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