Yeah I kinda went Elizabeth crazy this week. 

With over 100TB of hard drives sitting in and around my office sometimes video footage gets lost. And gets lost for a LONG TIME! Especially when you add to the fact that some of the video footage we have is still on  DV camcorder tapes. We been busy digitizing most of them so we can have easy access to the “CLASSIC aka THROWBACK” video footage that has never been seen before. Some of its crazy, funny and down right sexy as shit! I cant believe I forgot about some of it. To be honest with you sometimes I have so many shoots in a week I will forget  video and photos I took just a few days ago. Its like I will shoot for a week then go in to a decompression the next week and by that third week I have forgot what I did. LOL. People may think this business is all fun and games but its a lot of hard work. Dealing with multiple personalities of the models, lugging HEAVY equipment  and etc. But oh well, enough with the crying. LOL.

I came across this video footage of Elizabeth from her 2nd shoot with us. I swore I had put this video up on the site before but I couldn’t find it anywhere or on any DVD’s. So I am guessing this is the first time any of this has seen the light of day. And that’s a shame because this was one of the sexiest shoots ever. PERIOD. I wish we could have did more with her. But people have dreams and aspirations outside of the modeling world and that’s just fine. Elizabeth still is one of the nicest and hottest models I have worked with.