Yall some quite mofo’s! LOL! No but really. We found over 50 videos in the vip section that had broken links. I guess they got messed up when we switched our video player that doesn’t play .f4v files anymore. I mean I know we should have checked but at least SOMEBODY could have said something. We actually make it pretty easy to report broken links. You can use the “report a problem” button or simply just email us!

Since I have been running this site since 1999. I have noticed a great drop in communication online. And a even greater drop off since the onslaught of social media. Its like nobody cares any more about products, customer service and etc. From my experience if you want great products you gotta communicate with the sellers. How many emails and complaints to do you think Apple gets daily? THOUSANDS! Just saying if you put shit in, shit is what you get out.