There are a few websites over the years that I have noticed that have been chronic abusers of fraud. And I just cant keep quite about it anymore.

There are a number of different abusers and types of abuses. One in particular website that comes to mind, takes pictures from other websites, model portfolios or just from their personal collection and passes them off as there models and exclusives.. I mean WTF! The nerve of these folks. Then when they give you a video preview it literally IS NOTHING on the video but there logo or some other chic that wasn’t even advertised. LOL. I mean really. Every time I surf to that site (which im sure you have been too before) i’m like I hope mofo’s are paying for this shit! One of these days I’m going to call out the name of that site and put them on blast. Because the shit is just ridiculous. It makes all us pay site owners look bad.

Then you have these other websites that haven’t updated since the OJ trial! And others buy canned photos from LA or Miami stock photo business. And try to pass them off as original.

As a lover of what we do here at SOB and what this business can be if its done right, it just irks my nerves when people disrespect it by running their business under a false pretense. Oh well. This is just me venting.