Well the SOB hoarding is probably about to come to a end. And that’s because space is cheap but it AINT THAT CHEAP! We have traditionally NEVER removed anything from our VIP Section. But over the years with the fast growing video section and larger and larger files due to HD and now 4k. Space is now becoming precious. We have content in our VIP section dating back to the early 2000s. I think some years ago we did archive a lot of the FIRST SOB girls. It has probably come time now to archive another batch. We likely will start with the older content that is less popular. Whatever that is. I will likely just guess it. So if you think you may want something you better download it soon.

We are thinking about bringing back some of the OLD content thats been archived that was very popular back in the day. We just have to figure out a off server location for it. And it likely will ONLY be available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD from our SOBEStore.com site. Stay tuned for that.

The good news about freeing up some space it will allow us to feel more comfotable bringing u all the HD and 4k content we have just sitting on our drives in our data storage system. 🙂

Any girls or content you would like us to bring back from the SOB hayday!???