Well this is the 17th year SOB has celebrated the 4th of July while in business.  A lothas changed since 1999. But I can safely say 99.9% of the websites that were in business back then that were some what competitors to us. Are gone! Either that makes us incredibly strong or incredibly stupid for sticking around. I honestly do not know which one it is. Maybe you can tell me? lol. We recently dropped 4 photo updates at one time. Look out for a lot more of those massive photo drops. We have SO MANY photos that need to get out that we need to start pushing a bit. We used to save photos back in the day for the RIGHT time for maximum exposure but nahh not these days. We just want them to get done and get posted. Problem now is the lack of time. But we will get through it. We are shooting a ton more VIDEO now days than we ever did. We are producing in broadcast quality 4k and then dropping it down to HD once we post online. It makes for amazing quality. We probably start posting select clips in straight 4k soon. We just arent sure how many people have that ability to view just yet. If you do please chime in below.

In the meantime check out SOB Girl Dior Don Dada celebrating the 4th of July. Get your VIP Membership  Today for FULL ACCESS!

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