Hey folks! I’m not going to lie to you. I’ve beenbusy as a mofo! I guess that comes with part of the territory being in the IT related fields. Just like everybody else on the planet, more money is always a good thing. I’ve been buried in a secure facility working on some important shit. So my time has been a little limited. And add to the fact that the SOB Sever has been the server from hell the past two months. All that equals its been a slow ass updates months. But no bad thing last forever. Trust me. I’ve been in contact with some HOT new chics. 2016 is all about finding and bringing you the best girls SOB has ever seen. And that means bringing to you like ONLY SOB can do it. That means 4k video, massage videos, and dance grind videos. You wont find that shit on Instagram. I promise you. Well suffice to say! I’m back!

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