Our Mission

Our Mission

(Elizabeth pictured below. est. 2001)

elizabeth_redone39We first thought of the idea way back in 1999 to start a website to feature women of color in sexy clothes and etc. Now keep in mind back then the only thing you could find on the web was white women and they were usually pornographic pictures in those staged studio environment (fur rugs, and etc lol). Now quite honestly that just wasn’t my thing. What I wanted to do was take those sexy girls that I would see in the malls, clubs, colleges and etc and put them straight on the web. I had no intention of starting a “Modeling” website and quite frankly I still don’t. I wanted to take girls in their purest sexiest non-glamour form and put them in sexy clothes and sexy poses. PERIOD. That’s why through-out our history in our photos you wont see a lot of heavy makeup over glam-ed up studio sets. Give me a outdoor shoot in the sun or a pure white backdrop anyway. I also had a love of photography since I was a kid and also being heavy in the IT field it kind of seemed like a perfect match. And on the plus side I would get to see some HOT women. LOL.  Just kidding (kinda).

What you will find in side our pages is over 50,000 photos and GIGS of videos that we rapidly update weekly.  Sometimes even daily. We feature non-nude and nude pictures. And everything in between.


So just to make this sure and sweet. Here is a break-down of our mission. Since 1999!

  • Feature ethnic women (and some others) in their purest sexy form. (No heavy makeup and no heavy glamour photos!)
  • We are NOT a modeling site or agency! We just feature hot women! 90% of our girls are NOT models nor do they intend to be.
  • Give viewers the highest quality photos and videos possible (Broadcast quality or nothing!)
  • Stay humble (including the girls/models we work with) We have no egos nor do we want to work with anyone who does. We don’t care who they are!

So key facts from our history

  • We were online before ANY urban magazine that you can find in stores today. And some of them actually got their idea from us. You could say we fathered them. 🙂
  • We were the first site of our kind to feature HD Video.
  • We are the first and ONLY site to feature LIVE video from our photo shoots (when scheduled)
  • Our SOBE-Store.com site was the first site of its genre to feature INSTANT DOWNLOAD DVDS and Blu-ray products