(NEW Feature – Blog Post!) As a lot of you know we have been doing this at a high level in this urban model web game for over 10 years now. Some days are better than others. For the past year we have stepped up our shoot quality with HD 1080p video and the highest quality images possible. Which has gotten me to thinking where can we go next?? And do I personally want to go on that journey? This industry is so finicky! To put it bluntly its quite frustrating at times with you consumers. Day after day we get emails of people begging (asking) for free pics, etc etc. WTF! Was this equipment we got free? Was the hosting for this website free? If i threw out numbers on what we have to spend in one month alone to keep this family of websites up would make your rents look small quite frankly. And to see that some of you all rather surf around ALL DAY looking for free pics than to just plunk down less than $10 is insulting. So which brings me to my point. We have enough content right now to update almost everyday for the 4 years probably..lol. But over the next year we are going to give it everything we have. And then if we fill what we put into this is not equal to what we are getting out of it. We will be stepping away from this industry. Get at us on twitter and facebook and tell your friends about us. Help us keep REAL urban modeling alive. SOB is the only spot were you can find every flavor of girl. From the stars to the girl next door. Once thats gone.. Good luck finding it. http://twitter.com/#!/shadesofbrown