What do you think is the sexiest female body part and why? I know a lot of people are going to sayass but tell me why you think that? Is is the shape or etc? Personally I have a few favorites. Im a ass man of course but there are a couple of things that accentuate the perfect ass. You cant just get booty shots and think your going to have the best ass in the world. I love a womens back. The arch and the dimples that lead down to her back. I love LEGS. I probably could say im a leg man also, because if she doesn’t have great legs I’m not going to like her as much. The legs have to be proportionate to her body with smooth skin. Ohhhh I love some nice SOFT thick thighs!  I never think to much about the breast, until I see a great pair. As with the legs I love proportionate breast. I love SLIGHTLY bigger breast on smaller girls. NOT those breast that look like Dolly Partons. I hate those.

Well enough about me. What do YOU LIKE??? LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW!