Well we haven’t had one of these contest in a few years. But I think its time for it to come back. In this day in age of social networking, competition for votes should be fierce. But it also lets you the fans campaign for your favorite model thru Facebook and twitter. This year for the winner we will be giving away a Tablet computer. So I’m sure your favorite SOB Model will be oh so grateful for your votes. 🙂 So stay tuned for more info and the start date. If you wanna take a look back in time at past winners click for more..Past SOB Model Winners

Year 2000 Winners

1st Place – Nicole L.
2nd Place – Caramel
3rd Place – Aundria
4th Place – Tee
5th Place – Dani

Year 2001 Winners

1st Place – Keshia
2nd Place – Latonya
3rd Place – Nicole L.
4th Place – Elizabeth
5th Place – Sisi

Year 2002 Winners

1st Place – China
2nd Place – Karma
3rd Place – Dorian
4th Place – Shae
5th Place – Nicole S.

Year 2003 Winners

1st Place – Aminata
2nd Place – Nakia
3rd Place – Nicole S.
4th Place – Lizz
5th Place – Dorian

Year 2004 Winners

1st Place – Nicole S.
2nd Place – Aminata

Year 2009 Winners

1st Place – Mz Mika
2nd Place – Ebony
3rd Place – Cherokee