Man what a week… Sometimes you just get caught up. I wish I could sit here and tell you that we been shooting sexy girls all week long but that would be a lie. Our personal schedules have just been crazy. So we had to push back a lot of shoots to this week and the next week unfortunately. But hey that’s how it is. Life gets in the way some times. 🙂 But don’t fret, we still been doing stuff. For you VIP members we did a good amount of house cleaning in the video section. We uploaded the “thumbnail pics” to the videos that were missing them. We know it was hard to choose which video to look at when you don’t have any idea whats on it. Especially with a site like ours that has TONS of videos some even dating back over 10 years.

Going thru some old pics it got me to remembering this shoot with China. I remember we were walking in a very public location and guys were riding by beeping the horn and yelling all type of GOOD things to her. I remember one of them yelled your a lucky mofo! Ha! I wish!


I just purchased yet another 4TB drive to hold all our current content and HD video we been shooting. If your into that sort of thing check out Amazon this week. They had a good sale on the WD and Seagate drives. Just make sure you back up those big drives.