Well this week was a quite but busy week here at SOB. It was filled with a lot of scheduling of photo shoots with NEWBIE’s. Oh boy! We got some good dime material coming to you over the next few weeks. Also a few surprise SOB Model comebacks! Oh aren’t your curious now? You will just have to wait and see. Who would you like to see make a come back?? (Comment Below!)

We also continued work on scheduling girls and personalities for our SOB TV show section. This reality TV stuff is harder than it looks. Please stay tuned. We also are trying to lock down the schedules for the LIVE Photo shoot streaming. Look for us to update that schedule in a day or two for next week.

We also added a couple of VIDEO updates to the SOB VIP section. We added them without much fan fair but they are there. So go check them out. (Kiev and Mercedes is pictured)