Well unlike some other years, this year we wont have a straight out top SOB Model battle of the year. Instead we will use statistics instead to see who did what! Which is very interesting in itself.  So here are some of the Top Rated items below.

Most Viewed Update This Year (Page)

  1. Tamika – Busting Out Thickness Of A MILF
  2. Tia – Face Down and Smile Up
  3. Ms. BellezaUnica – Fairy Tales Are Real
  4. Sydnotiq – Her Cups Runneth Over

This is interesting to me. Because I didn’t realize how many people liked Tamika. Or could it be that her pics went viral maybe.. hmm. I would love to hear you guys/girls input in the comments section.

Most Viewed SOB Model Profile This Year

  1. Alize
  2. Mz Mokah
  3. Sydnotiq
  4. Dallas

I don’t have any data to support this but I believe Alize probably has won this a couple of times. Which is saying something since she has been around for quite some time. Her and Cypris are neck and neck with the top TOTAL EVER page views. Madelyn Rivera (Angel) is a very close 3rd with the top page views ever but she only has a very little bit in 2013. Which means she basically exploded in 2012. I guarantee she will heat up again in 2014. Mz Mokah and Sydnotiq will probably be right back up top in 2014 since they have A LOT of hot updates coming. 🙂