I have officially developed a hatred of social media! Even though  I still use it. People will literally sit in a room together and not say anything just staring at their phones. And more importantly for the purposes of SOB, they will just surf FB and IG timelines all day. Just scrolling down and down and down. With nothing to show for it. Its just mindless dribble. There is no creativity, art (well some of the Memes are funny), or thought put into most of it. Facebook is filled with people complaining , but not complaining on their timeline. IG is filled with plastic filled models who really are high class escorts. Yeah! Who else travels to Dubai every other month. Do you?? Or takes 20 beach vacations every 6 months and seemingly doesn’t have a job? Not all the stripping in the world can do that. But anyway lets bring back the REAL websites. The ones busting their butt to create photos, blogs and ORIGINAL content. Lets not contribute to the lessening down of society.

Tell your friends about us. And if you dont like SOB, then tell your friends about other cool sites you like and spread the word. Ironically you will need to tell them on social media! 🙁


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