Well its the end of another year. Our 17th year in business. And I think its time to shake things up. And shake things up A LOT!  I wont go into details here. But we definitely will be changing our business model up in 2017.  Probably more free content but also a lot LESS “view-able” content. If that makes since.  Like for example FULL free picture galleries. Maybe all photos for free… (not sure yet). With videos being the only thing in the VIP section. And pushing our EStore products a whole lot more. Who knows!  But that’s where we are leaning.


We have finalized the details! Starting in “sometime” in January we will begin making the following changes.

  1. All photo updates will be FREE for One WEEK! (FREE Silver Section)
    • Then the photos will be archived in the VIP section
  2. MOST videos will still be VIP Only.
    • A lot more exclusive video products at SOBEStore.com site
    • More dance, grind, oil massage and high quality photoshoot videos
  3. Pricing changes
  4. Website structure changes
  5. Finally bringing back the LIVE streaming to SOB. (Spring 2017!)

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