As some of you know since we closed down one of our other sites (HourGlassHoneys.com) we have been working on merging all of that content into the SOB Site. Most of which was nude pix and erotic videos. 

Its been a chore. First because we have to re-upload all of that content into new folders on our servers and then re-do the preview pics and then enter the information into our website system. I think we are mostly there with that part. But also we have to add the scheduling of NEW girls that would traditionally be on that site to shoot for this site. So bare with us while we work out the logistics of it all.

But in the meantime we have added a TON of pics to the members area and a few unseen videos as well. Like I said before on another post. We DONT always make VIP updates public. I mean we update SO much who the hell has time to blast a email or twitter every time we make a change.

Below are are few samples of what we added.