I just found out recently that a competitor, well if you want to call THEM that.. Doesn’t take their own pictures. They use some shady old photographer who has a studio to shoot their content!. WTF! When did the game get like this? When I started this genre back in 1999 it was all about taking your own pictures and putting them on the web. And that’s still how i operate today. I never claimed to be the best photographer. Shit! I dont even claim to be a photographer period! Ha! Because Im not. I do enough to get by and I think I am pretty good at it. But if I ever have to stop taking pictures all together and pay some other mofo for photo content then thats the day I will close SOB down. Period! Thats not a real urban glamour site! Most of the girls you see here dating all the way back to 1999 were found through hard-work and persistence. From Black Planet, Myspace, grocery stores, clubs and etc etc.. Hard fucking leg work. Now days mofo just go on IG and twitter and just re-shoot that same chics over and over and over again.  Ha never me!

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