As I was going though the site today looking for bad or dead links, I came across our links page. And I realized a staggering 80% of the sites we had trading links/banners with over the years are gone. Why is this?

I attribute it to a number of reasons that I can think of. Money first and foremost. It takes a lot of money to run a successful pay site. Whether your paying for talent, equipment or bandwidth. ¬†You’ve heard me talk about this phenomenon before already. Also this is a hard business to be in as you mature as a person. Unusually the people that start these types are business are fairly young. But as you get older and you settle down with a wife/husband and kids this business gets rough. For one it takes A LOT of your time to run these business successfully. But the main reason is, if you don’t find the right person they will not trust you being around these types of characters in your life. And that not only goes for Website owners but also for the models. I’ve seen models come and go that had a lot of potential only because there boyfriend or etc just didn’t feel comfortable with the attention she was getting. And lastly Social Media’s up-rising has put a serious dent in pay websites. Peoples attention spans have become so short it should be criminal. People rather scroll their timeline contantly than to put in a small effort and read a website. At first people didnt want to read books anymore and now its websites. They rather hear everything in under 140 characters. Shameful.