Well if you saw our Tweet you know that Verizon Fios is having problems right now with “Data Loss” to a number of websites the past few days. OURS Is ONE OF THEM!

If you have Fios and you have noticed that a number of your websites that you frequent is way slower than it should be, then I would guess you are effected. To test this if your on a Windows machine. Go to the start button and type “cmd” and execute that program. Then at the command line screen type “tracert examplewebsite.com”. Replace examplewebsite.com with whatever website you are trying to test. If you get any request timed out or bad “hops” then chances are your getting significant data loss.

We are hoping they fix the issue. At least on the “route” that people travel to SOB. We have a ticket in there system for it and their engineers are working on the problem.

Please comment if you have FIOS and if you are getting a slow surfing speed from our site or any other sites.