Social Media in this day and age is king! LOVE IT or HATE IT! It is what it is. Some of you may have come across some of our post or updates that use a mechanism where you have to CLICK on a social media profile to share the content before the content is UNLOCKED.  Its actually very ingenious and EASY. 1-CLICK and the pictures/videos are unlocked. Well get used to seeing more of that. A good number of our updates and FREE post that include pictures and videos will have this setup. If not ALL of them. In this day and age we are looking for ways to market and spread the word about SOB to more people. Its a win win situation. At the click of your mouse you unlock free EXCLUSIVE content. And for us you spread our content to your social media followers via Twitter, Facebook and more. Our Twitter and IG is now private. If you want to see our FREE content then you better FOLLOW US.

Test is out below