When I started this site back in 1999 there were NO black or ethnic model sites online. PERIOD! There were NO urban magazines. No King Mag or Smooth Mag or etc…

I wanted to have something that portrayed what I was looking for on the internet. I wanted something where I could see EVERYDAY beautiful girls. Like the girl next door that you have a crush on. Only thing I could find were sites that featured trashy looking white girls or those staged looking porn pictures of black or white girls on velvet pillows. THAT’S NOT MY THING. If its yours then your in the wrong place. I hate those kinds of pictures. They remind me of some old Penthouse magazine pictures from the 70’s. I wanted to feature the kind of women you see when you go to the mall on a 90 degree day and they are flaunting there bodies around in tight dresses, short shorts and etc. And I can honestly say over the past 14 years I have successfully done that.

I have seen A LOT of websites like mine come and go. I’ve seen their lights go on and their lights go out. Now through the years we have evolved too. We went from sexy fashion to mostly lingerie and implied nudes. And even featuring nudity from time to time. But as with society as a whole everyone has become more and more DESENSITIZED. Just seeing a beautiful women with a ALL NATURAL body isn’t enough any more. I go on these sites and I see guys/girls falling over themselves over pictures of women who OBVIOUSLY have been altered in Photoshop to give them a cartoon shaped butt. I’m like WTF. Do you really want your women shaped like that?? Are you THAT DESPERATE that you need that?? Come on now… Its actually gotten to the point where this type of stuff is killing actual girls Girls THINK that men want those shapes so they are killing themselves to get butt implants and etc. Being a young black male myself and frequent strip clubs on occasion. And I have to tell you, the butt implant is the worst invention ever. The shit makes the girls butts feel like a leathery hard basketball. Give me a natural phat ass all day long over that fake implants.

So to make a long story short.


If you want penthouse type spreads with old 70s looking props and sets… THIS SITE IS NOT FOR YOU!