You guys/girls too busy holiday shopping to stop by and visit us at SOB?? Huh?? But wait a minute….We have plenty for you to do here. We are innovating by the minute. We are busy “kinda of sorta” re-branding our self. But at the same time we are moving forward deeper into MORE, A LOT more video content. We are also about to debut some 4K content. So stay tuned for that early next year. But in the meantime become a VIP member for just a few $. If that is too steep for you, in the meantime become a FREE Silver Level member and enjoy while we build that sections content library up. And dont forget to check out the SOB Girls portfolios section, were you can find lots of photos and videos. I mean their truely is a lot to do. Unlike most websites were its just a BIG JOIN NOW button plastered across the website. We do give options. So sit down a while and enjoy.